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Eco Team

Robbie Mair

Robbie, a co-Founder of EcoTank Canada, has spent the last 12 years in Real Estate and Construction. The last 5 years, he has been growing and managing a real estate investment group. Robbie has gained extensive sales and leadership experience from project management of construction, daily operations, and leasing and sales of completed projects.

Chief Executive Officer

Jordon Francis

Jordon, a co-Founder of EcoTank Canada has spent the last decade in an operations management role with F.R.I.E.S., working on mechanical and technical equipment. Jordon brings extensive managerial and product development experience, and oversees the company's technical operations.

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Cottrell

Scott is a CPA, CMA who brings over 15 years of progressive accounting experience with a focus on the effective management of businesses. Scott brings a wealth of accounting knowledge and can provide insight on navigating the challenges of managing a business while steering it towards sustainable growth.

Chief Financial Officer

Naithan Loach

As an Automotive Manufacturing Veteran, Naithan guides EcoTank through the challenges of the Global Manufacturing sector to find, qualify and source high-quality, low-cost manufacturers. This includes directing the design, prototyping, and testing of the next generation to ensure a cost effective, safe, and nationally compliant product. Naithan is also responsible for developing the EcoTank installation and maintenance processes.

Head of Product

Sean Elliott

Sean oversees the company’s business development group. This covers a wide range of activities from the development of marketing material, the sales cycle from start to finish, and overseeing the development of the CRM database. Sean is instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of the company, ensuring the growth is both sustainable and targeted to meet the growing needs of Canadians.

Head of Sales

Victoria Meneses

Victoria manages overall company operations; responsible for the effective, efficient, and successful operation and management of resources, quality control, and safety measures. Victoria is constantly improving the procedures in the areas of information flow, business processes, enhanced management reporting, inventory management, and shipping. Lastly, she brings an operations perspective to the company’s strategic planning.

Operations Manager

Michael Gillan

Michael is actively closing on new business. When not rocking the sales line, he works with local and provincial government, as well as charitable organizations, in pushing for the expansion of the banned plastics list to include washer fluid jugs and to make the right people aware of our product. Michael brought EcoTank Canada great partners such as Divert NS and Earth Day Canada.

Account Executive

Board of Directors

Doug Sommerville

Doug has a formidable career in the pharmaceutical industry. He is the former President of Teva Canada, one of Canada's largest generic pharmaceutical companies, with record revenues at the time, exceeding $1.4B. Before that, he was the Global Vice President at Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

He brings 35 years experience in business development, R&D, M&A in domestic and international markets, as well as investment raises.


Doug was also the Past Chair of the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association, which collectively amounted $6B in annual sales. 

Independent Director and Advisor

Joe Gagliese

Joe Gagliese is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Viral Nation, a global digital and social innovation group that powers the social ecosystem through integrated solutions that align strategy, talent, media, and technology. Viral Nation works with tens of thousands of influencers across the social landscape and fuels growth for the world's leading brands.

A recognized expert in influencer marketing and social technologies, Joe is regularly cited in outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, WIRED, CNBC, Vox, Business Insider, Forbes, and Inc. 

Joe is the first Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Toronto and a strategic advisor to Immutable Holdings and Enlightened Capital

Independent Director and Advisor

Mathew Roden-Andlauer

Mathew Roden-Andlauer has a background spanning marketing, technology solutions, and healthcare logistics. As the Chief Marketing Officer of Hiveway Inc., Mathew has propelled the firm to prominence in the Stripe partner ecosystem, while his leadership at Medical Courier Services has solidified its position as a trusted healthcare courier solutions provider.


With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Mathew's strategic vision aligns seamlessly with EcoTank's mission, poised to drive growth and strategic direction.

Independent Director and Advisor

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