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Size: 65cm x 35 cm x 260cm
Volume: 225 liters of fluid
Equivalent to: 60 jugs



  • Canada Weights and Measure

  • National Type Evaluation Program (USA)

  • CSA C22.2#213:2017 Ed.3+U1;U2

  • UL 121201:2017 Ed.9+R:26Aug2019

  • CSA C22.2#61010-1-12:2012 Ed.3+U1;U2:A1

  • UL 61010-1:2012 Ed.3+R:19Jul2019

Technical Info


The exterior cover of the EcoTank equipment is made from thick metal sheet with a special coating that ensures resistance to wear and tear from everyday use.


The equipment design allows universal usage. The shape and design of EcoTank allows a gas station operator to add their corporate brand or advertising to the equipment.


EcoTank is a single-standing unit fixed to the ground. It can be installed rapidly and does not require any construction work.

It only needs a standard 120V electrical connection supplied to the install location.


No operator required – after installation EcoTank does not require an attendant. Tank levels and sales data is monitored remotely.


EcoTank can be filled with any windshield washer fluid but EcoTank has national coverage with windshield washer fluid providers to make sure the EcoTank stays full all year long.

About EcoTank

  • Easy installation; no complicated construction.

  • Completely autonomous.

  • Eliminates wasted, stolen or damaged product. No more single use plastic waste. 

  • Provides better inventory control  with real time sales data.

  • Convenient refill experience without any spillage.

  • Provides branding and advertising opportunities.

  • Tracks carbon and plastic credits through software.

  • Efficient and environmentally positive refill routing software.


  • Every driver who top ups their windshield washer tank with EcoTank eliminates plastic from entering landfills

  • EcoTank dispensers are highly energy efficient

  • EcoTank partners with organizations with similar values

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