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CHCH News brings EcoTank to the conversation

There’s a new pump being unveiled at select gas stations throughout the Hamilton and Halton region — and it isn’t for gas.

The new dispensers aim to replace the traditional method of topping up your windshield washer fluid by cutting down on the wasteful plastic jugs and allowing customers to dispense the perfect amount at the touch of a button.

The company is called Ecotank, and their pumps are now up and running at several gas stations throughout the region.

“Instead of using the plastic jug, Canadians now have the option to use a hose with a nozzle and fill up their vehicles just like they would with fuel,” Sean Elliot, a spokesperson with the company, said.

The Orangeville-based company said more than 70 million plastic containers end up in landfills across Canada each year.

Since their launch in 2021, almost 100,000 jugs of plastic have been diverted.

“We’re looking at nearly 100,000 jugs, so that’s 20,000 kg of plastic that we diverted already,” Elliot said. “The carbon offset is about 36 tons of carbon that we offset by using Ecotank.”

The fluid is being sold at a price per litre similar to its jug counterpart but comes with the added bonus of convenience and accuracy — doing away with the days of having too much or too little.

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