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Locomobi World Adds EcoTank to Worldstream

Toronto, Ont. – LocoMobi World announced today it has agreed to a partnership with EcoTank Canada. EcoTank Canada’s dispensing system, offers a convenient and eco-friendly solution for windshield washer fluid refill, reducing single-use plastic waste and promoting a more sustainable future.

EcoTank and Locomobi World have agreed to full integration into Locomobi Worlds Worldstream Portal. This collaboration will undoubtedly bring about innovative solutions to the parking industry. With EcoTank’s expertise in sustainable windshield washer solutions and Locomobi World’s cutting-edge technology, we can expect a seamless parking experience that is efficient and eco-friendly. The integration into the Worldstream Portal will provide a comprehensive platform for customers to manage their parking needs effortlessly.

“To be able to further service our customer base with EcoTank on our Worldstream Portal is great,” says Locomobi World President Brian Storrie, “I see ecoTank installed with our system at all parking lots and service areas both as a convenience and a eco friendly solution”

Movebe will be used as the media application to offer special and incentives for EcoTank throughout the Worldstream family of applications. LocoMobi World Inc. continues to seamlessly connect tenants and visitors to the LocoMobi World Inc. transportation network. Soon, users will be linked throughout the city and have exclusive offers as they navigate through our network.

About LocoMobi World Inc.

LocoMobi World Inc. is a cloud-based Smart City technology company specializing in parking, tolling, transit, storage, asset tracking, fleet and threat management solutions. Our WorldStream cloud portal is the first fully distributed cloud infrastructure management system. In addition, LocoMobi World provides pioneering technology to government, institutional and parking management clients throughout North America and has a growing platform of transportation infrastructure patents. LocoMobi World Inc. has reinvented how people travel throughout the transportation infrastructure in terms of parking, curb side, drive-thru and security.

LocoMobi World’s leading cloud-based Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) system offers a refined approach for revenue control, virtual permitting, violation and citation management, toll road management, managed traffic lanes, and gated lane environments, as well as residential multi-level condominium building parking control and access. Wearables now are integrated into Lccomobi’s offering including MobiVision Glasses for real time enforcement and safety. MobiVerse, our introduction to the metaverse for an advanced training experience will be unveiled soon.

LocoMobi World also provides a full line of Industry-leading Payment Kiosks, Smart Barrier Gates, Solar Powered parking Meters and other innovative solutions to ensure total revenue security Locomobi have recently introduced Mobi its new robot division to augment security and parking enforcement Our Smart City technology is connecting vehicles anywhere they travel. WorldSecure LocoMobi World’s patent-pending data security controller protects against cyber-attacks and other data intrusions. The first of its kind.

For more information please contact Grant Furlane: or

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